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Solar Eclipse



a glimpse
eyes protected, not neglected

sun’s rejected

dark overcomes
day comes undone
moon over noon
a morning rerun

known as Earth

Known on Earth
As every (re)birth)
daytime stars
from us to Mars

when birds stop singing
phones stop ringing
never heard such a silent thing
never saw such a diamond ring

where corona means light
a crown blinding bright
but such pretty sight
on a dazzling height

zon verduistert
bril gekluisterd
maan schuift voor
wolken erdoor

zon verduistert
dichter fluistert
schrijft en luistert
naar stilte in duister

Soleil, tu te caches
même sans drache,
danse tes nuages

Soleil et ma plûme,
que la lune 
nous rallume 

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